New Wine: Melville Vernas Estate Syrah 2010

Melville Vernas Estate Syrah 2010

Melville Vernas Estate Syrah

Melville Vernas Estate Syrah

We’re excited to welcome this exciting product to Minnesota, and to our shelves at the Wine Shop. Bottles will be available for $30.99 starting Wednesday.

This wine pours much lighter than any other California Syrah that I have experienced.  Melville Vernas Estate brings out dark fruit flavors balanced with light tannins and a peppery finish. It opens quickly and continues to develop in the glass. I think that this selection would be great paired with wild game, venison, or just by itself.

More about Melville Vernas Estate Syrah 2010 from the Winery

Production Notes: 40% of the grapes were fermented as whole-cluster and 60% de-stemmed in small 1.5 ton open-top fermenters. Total skin and stem contact averaged 30 days (a 7 day cold soak, 2+ weeks fermentation and 1+ week extended maceration.)

From the press, the wine was transferred directly into neutral (old French oak) where it remained sur lie without sulphur until May, when it was racked for the first time and prepared for bottling in August.

Melville Vernas Estate Syrah 2010 Tasting Notes

Brimming with nuances of dark plum, wild strawberry and dried fig that merge with an intriguing collection of wild flowers, hoisin, malt, dried meat and lavender. The mouthfeel skillfully weaves this diversity together allowing the wine to remain both fresh, grippy and savory.

Melville Winery Website

Have you tried Melville Vernas Estate Syrah 2010 yet? What did you think?

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